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Jul 25, 2011 5:00am EDT
league will meet at that all goes through... free ageecy starts and teamsscan immediately.... anddthe big onee.. training camp ould weekend talks to resolve tte nation's ddbt-ceillng crisis &p senate mmjority leader harr reid nd ouse majooity llader workiig on separate proposals. the failure to reach a deal markets. 33 --reporter pkg-as olloos -- &phours of talks and still no deal in washington. coogressionaa leaders met alooe and with president obaam ver the weekend tryiig to baam &pirrn out a plan for tte debt ceiling. "the leaddrs knoo they need to agree on something together that willl pass the house and pass the senate that the president can repubbican plan to raase tte thii year... then handle next year, later.but democrats,,and the president, say they want tte deal to carry through 2012... after he eleetion."i know president is worried about his next should not we be worried have aabudget deficii of one and half trillion dollars, we are borrowing 44 ceets on every dollar we spend, we have 14 and a half trillion ollar national debt. it is time to get ssrious about stoppinn t
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1